[Catalyst] Hops-0.02 example (still in beta)

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Thu Mar 24 03:28:59 CET 2005

Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko wrote:

> I put back the uri_base parameter, because I would like to have a way 
> to run not just from the base url, but from a subdirectory. It 
> probably can be implemented in a cleaner way, though.

Yes, note that base is completely dynamic and will automatically contain 
directories for cgi and the location in Apache.

> Also, I saw that Class::DBI::Loader::mysql can read the comments field 
> from a table description. How should a table be created in order for 
> the comment to be picked up and translated into a has-many relationship?

I don't use MySQL so i don't know (code was contributed).
But i got reports that it works... :)

So better ask on the CDBI list.


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