[Catalyst] Hops-0.02 example (still in beta)

Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko simonf at cshl.edu
Wed Mar 23 06:18:33 CET 2005


Thanks to Sebastian, Hops (BeerDB example rewritten for Catalyst) is in 
better shape. You can download it here:


I welcome bug reports and feature suggestions.

Sebastian - I put back the uri_base parameter, because I would like to 
have a way to run not just from the base url, but from a subdirectory. 
It probably can be implemented in a cleaner way, though.

Also, I saw that Class::DBI::Loader::mysql can read the comments field 
from a table description. How should a table be created in order for the 
comment to be picked up and translated into a has-many relationship?


Simon (Vsevolod ILyushchenko)   simonf at cshl.edu

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