[Catalyst] some basic Catalyst theory questions

Zbyszek Lukasiak zby at zby.aster.net.pl
Mon Jun 6 22:13:39 CEST 2005

I'd like to comment two points from your letter.

First is the $c->forward() calls - I asked that question some time
ago on IRC and the answer was that the
forward call is more 'safe' as it catches errors.  I cannot agree with
that answer - for me it looks like the efect of catching all errors is
the opposite of safety - you get errors that are unnoticed and never
Second is the URL -> method mapping.
When I was writing CGI::Application code I did not like the dispatch
machine it looked like some added burden for me.  In Catalyst it looks
more naturally with the attributes.  I agree that perhaps some apps will
require some more sophistication in the URLs - but for most the urls
showing the internal state will be a good guidance for the users, and as
you wrote for the exeptions you can use rewriting.

-- Zbyszek

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