[Catalyst] some basic Catalyst theory questions

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Mon Jun 6 22:53:43 CEST 2005

Perrin Harkins wrote:
> - The examples show machine-specific configuration like database
> connection params and file paths being specified in the code itself.
> That would be a big portability problem, if you have to modify the code
> on every new machine.  Is there a plan for Catalyst to help people with
> putting this kind of stuff in a config file?  (Note that I am not
> talking about things like database table relationships, just the pure
> config stuff that is likely different on every installation of the same
> app.)

My ServerDB example no longer uses any hardcoded paths.  Everything is 
based off the Catalyst home variable, which is found using FindBin and 
Path::Class.  It also uses a YAML config file, and I believe most of the 
other examples do too.  So as long as you're using SQLite, you can have 
a very portable app.  Of course, you still have to get through all the 
CPAN deps first. ;)



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