[Catalyst] Standalone Install Package?

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Dec 20 14:54:49 CET 2005

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Sebastian Riedel wrote:
>> Am 20.12.2005 um 05:50 schrieb Kaare Rasmussen:
>>>> OK, I've started tinkering. I renamed my site lib directory in my perl
>>>> install, and I've started collecting things from 5.61 back needed to run
>>>> catalyst.pl/bat and get a test app up and running.
>>> If you build such a thing, how about maintaining it?
>> Good point!
>> We need a build system for this.
> Sounds like overkill to me, but I guess it depends on what the goal is
> and how many modules we want in a download-and-run version.
> Right now, it's simply an extlib directory with all the bits, and a
> shell/bat script to point perl/path to it. The extlib directory is just
> another @INC path.
> I'm toying with the idea of moving from everything in extlib:
> 	use lib 'extlib';
> 	extlib/Catalyst.pm
> 	extlib/Catalyst/Base.pm
> 	...
> 	extlib/URI.pm
> 	extlib/URI/Escape.pm
> 	...
> to everything in it's dist dir in extlib, and adding more @INC paths:
> 	use lib 'Catalyst';
> 	use lib 'URI';
> 	extlib/Catalyst/Catalyst.pm
> 	extlib/Catalyst/Catalyst/Base.pm
> 	...
> 	extlib/URI/URI.pm
> 	extlib/URI/URI/Escape.pm
> 	...	
> IT makes the shell/batch files more complicated, but it makes slogging
> in a new version of a dist cleaner.

Good for me and the shell script person trying it all out. Bad for the
person who has to point apache to this set of directories in stead of 1

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