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I just wanted to get everyone's feedback on what they prefer as their
templating engine. I know there are a bunch of choices but wanted to see
what people think of certain ones. I am looking for something that
supports and promotes good practices and cutting edge techniques.

Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher
Websense Security Labs

I think the last time we polled we discovered most people are using template toolkit with Mason a distant second place.  I like TT because it's quite flexible and extendable; many people don't like it for that reason.

I originally choose it for practical reasons, I wanted to focus on developing skills for my team and decided to make some choices for development practices.  I choose TT for templating because it's very popular and is simple enough for me to be able to assign the templating work to junior developers.  I considered Mason very seriously because if it's large comunity but when I chose Catalyst that settled it for TT, since most people here can assist with TT on the mailing list.

There is a great TT book out there as well.  If would buy it if you decide to go that way.


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