[Catalyst] IDE/editor

catalyst.20.chsg at spamgourmet.com catalyst.20.chsg at spamgourmet.com
Tue Nov 14 16:25:33 GMT 2006

I hesitate to ask this question because it seems to often result in
some juvenille flame war.  Everyone is different, with different needs
and preferences.  That's why we have choices.  It's Perl after all,
right? [grin]

With that out of the way, what IDE or editor works well for you?

My default has been VIM since I'm really comfortable in it and can
edit text really fast with it.  However, as a very visual person, I
find it cumbersome when having to flip back and forth between all of
the files.  This is especially true since I'm new to Catalyst and
don't have everything solidified in my head.

As a side note, I work on OS X, so any references to Windows-only
programs won't really be useful but may be for others who come accross
this thread.

I'm mostly just interested in what has worked for you (and will take
everything with that grain of salt), not what is crappy about other

Many thanks in advance,


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