[Catalyst] Strange [debug] timestamps running on apache2/mod_perl2

Scott Karns scottkinsf at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 25 04:20:47 CET 2006

Hello all.

I've recently reached alpha release functionality with
an application running with apache-2.0.54/mod_perl and
I'm seeing some curious problems in two areas. I
haven't yet started to look for the root causes, but
thought I'd ask here if anyone else has seen similar

The most annoying is periodic non-fatal errors
surrounding various methods in IO::Handle, e.g.,
Deep recursion on subroutine "IO::Handle::fileno" at
line 334 (#1)

The problems appear to be related to my use of
C:P:RequireSSL for user login. I suspect a module
version dependency issue, since I haven't seen this
problem on the development system. Also, I just
installed Catalyst and the various Catalyst-* modules
on this server.

The other problem may be related, but it (presently)
doesn't seem to be causing any problems on the client
side. The problem is simply, according to the logs,
time running backwards:
[Fri Mar 24 19:43:31 2006] [catalyst] [info] Request
took 0.255981s (3.907/s)
| Action                                              
            | Time      |
| /begin                                              
            | 0.000305s |
| /auto                                               
            | 0.000217s |
| /user/auto                                          
            | 0.033302s |
|  -> /user/login                                     
            | 0.021047s |
| /end                                                
            | 0.000324s |

[Fri Mar 24 17:52:06 2006] [catalyst] [debug] Adding
ACL rule from /usr/local/pqv/lib/QR.pm line 61 to all
the actions under /admin

I've seen this on both the development and deployment
servers. My guess is it's an apache child process
pre/post-fork data issue.

Just a shout to ask if anyone else has dealt with
similar problems before.

Thanks for your time,

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