[Catalyst] POST problem

Richard Jolly Richard.Jolly at bbc.co.uk
Thu Mar 16 16:31:13 CET 2006


We recently upgraded from 5.33 to 5.66. There has been very little
breakage, but we do have something that I can't figure out.

# from test script

  my $post = HTTP::Request->new(
    POST => 'http://localhost/import/'
  $post->header( name => $name );
  $post->content( $some_xml );

  request( $post )

# from controller

my $name = $c->req->header('name');  # ok
my $content = $c->req->body;             # empty

I'm not sure how this code should be upgraded. As far as I can see
->body is not expected to work with POST, but I can't see what the
alternative is supposed to be.




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