[Catalyst] UTF-8 strings getting stragely converted to latin1 when coming from MySQL DB

Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Mon Mar 6 09:41:09 CET 2006


>> __PACKAGE__->storage->on_connect_do([
>> 	'set names utf8',
>> 	'set_character_set_client=utf8',
>> 	'set_character_set_results=utf8',
>> 	'set_character_set_connection=utf8'
>> ]);
> Did DBI->trace show that being run?

I just tried with DBI->trace and these queries are not executed. The
question is, am I putting the statement in the right place? I've put it in:


which inherits from SchemaLoader, which in turn inherits from Schema.

	Thanks, Michele.

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