[Catalyst] Announcement - New Authen/Authz plugins

Yuval Kogman nothingmuch at woobling.org
Wed Nov 9 09:19:59 CET 2005


We also worked a lot on the authentication and authorization plugins
for catalyst.

The plan is outlined here:

And these plugins are itching to be tested:

use Catalyst qw/
	# this is for the core authentication functionality, and
	# optional integration with sessions


	# this provides the $c->login method which verifies the user's
	# identity using a login/password pair
	Authentication::Credential::Password (part of the core plugin)

	# you need to choose a default store by using a store plugin
	# these are already written

	Authentication::Store::Minimal # useful for testing - very lightweight

	# This one is compatible with CDBI too. Right now this plugin is
	# heavily inspired by the old CDBI stuff.  This will change -
	# the current functionality will be in Store::DBIC::Simple,
	# while a more flexible one will be added in the future.

	# This plugin provides role based access controls


	# And here is a completely new plugin that lets you
	# declaratively restrict access to your controller space. See
	# it's test suite for examples.


Note that the APIs are not as backwards compatible as the new session
stuff, so be sure to read the docs/code first if trying on an older

You should use these plugins with Catalyst from trunk - I have not
yet tried them with 5.33.

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