[Catalyst] Announcement - New session plugins

Yuval Kogman nothingmuch at woobling.org
Tue Nov 1 21:48:37 CET 2005


The new session plugins are pretty much finished.

What they do differently is:

	* Catalyst::Plugin::Session umbrella plugin implements most of
	  the logic having to do with sessions
	* A Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::* plugin implements server
	  side storage for the session data
	* A Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::* plugin implements the
	  client side storage of the session ID

If you

	use Catalyst qw/Session Session::Store::FastMmap Session::State::Cookie/

things should be pretty compatible - the user api is designed around
the existing session plugins.

Right now these are complete (documented, tested, implemented):

	* fastmmap storage
	* memcached storage
	* cookie state
	* URL rewriting state

Here's what we need to do:

	* real world testing
	* more store plugins (DBIC, etc)
	* API fixes (please bring this up early, before these are
	* Documentation review

You can find the code in the catalyst SVN repo:


Thanks to chansen for providing the initial design of the new plugin

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