[Catalyst] Session::FastMmap bugs

Eugene Eric Kim eekim at blueoxen.org
Wed Mar 30 19:32:06 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

Thanks for Catalyst!  I'm having fun playing with it.

Wanted to report one bug and one gotcha with
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::FastMmap (v0.07).  In &setup, the plugin
passes the cache_root configuration variable to Cache::FastMmap's
constructor.  However, I don't see this variable at all in
Cache::FastMmap (v1.09), and sure enough, it's not using it.  It
should instead use share_file.

As for the gotcha, the redirect functionality when no_url_rewrite is
false still isn't quite right.  Yes, you should rewrite the URL before
a redirect if you're redirecting to a Catalyst controller.  However,
if you redirect to a non-Catalyst controller (either on the same site
or at another site), you don't want to rewrite the URL.

Possible fixes: Use a parameter rather than the path for the session
ID.  Or, have &finalize check to see where the redirect is before
rewriting the URL (which may require another config parameter to work


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