[Catalyst] MojoMojo example - errors with database tables

Uwe Voelker uwe.voelker at gmx.de
Sun Mar 20 18:20:32 CET 2005

Hello Sebastian,

>> In the meantime I continue with CGI::Builder. I just thought Catalyst 
>> has more to offer (plugins/functionality) and wanted to give it a try. 
>> But maybe it's just too new/hot...
> What are you missing?

When I read my sentence again, I see it can be misinterpreted. I meant: 
Catalyst has more plugins and more functionality than CGI::Builder (at 
least this was/is my impression).

At the moment I'm missing nothing, because I haven't tried/ported my 
example application.

What I like is the script/server.pl capability. Development is very easy 
this way. Check out and run...

> Don't confuse Catalyst with MojoMojo, Catalyst is very mature!

I know, MojoMojo ist just an complex example. I like this. Often only 
simple (= stupid) examples are available.

Keep up the good work,
I'll be back soon and try Catalyst myself...

Thanks, good bye,

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