[Catalyst] MojoMojo example - errors with database tables

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Sat Mar 19 22:39:25 CET 2005

Richard Hubbell wrote:

>Sorry, once you get past that Core::User error you will hit another.
>I forget the exact error, something  ::Preferences is missing.  I assumed
>that after I got that fixed it would only reveal yet another.   It's not ready
>for prime-time.   Nothing personal but it's really not a good example.
>In my mind I would rather have 1 or 2 good examples that have been
>verified to work than a 100 page manual in pdf, html, dvi, eps, doc,
>xml, tex,latex,
>or parchment.   Let's face it an example is also a proof (if it works) and that
>communicates to a potential user of the software hat something actually works.

MojoMojo is still in heavy development, it's not ready to run, but still 
a good place to look for best practices...

Maybe you want to try MiniMojo instead, http://files.oook.de/MiniMojo.tar.gz
It's a small example (using Ajax) i made for an article i'm actually 


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