[Catalyst] porting C::FastMmap to use Cache::Cache

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Sun Mar 13 01:06:33 CET 2005

toddrw69 at excite.com wrote:

>I prefer a store other than memory, so if mysql is better than the memory cache thats what I'll use.
Mmap is not storing it in memory, it uses an mmap'ed file.

>But I still need some test code so I know when its ported :(
Just create a small application using sessions.

    catalyst.pl MyApp
    cd MyApp

Modify lib/MyApp.pm like this.

    use Catalyst qw/-Debug Session::FastMmap/;


        '!begin' => sub {
            my ( $self, $c ) = @_;
            $c->log->debug( $c->session->{foo} ? "exists" : "doesn't 
exist" );
            $c->session->{foo} ||= 'bar';


And run it.


The log should say "exists" after the second request, otherwise you 
broke it. :)


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