[Catalyst] UNIVERSAL:require:ERROR

Jose Nyimi josenyimi at skynet.be
Sat Mar 12 23:36:09 CET 2005

I’m trying to learn from the Catalyst code.
I started from Catalyst.pm file and I’m seeing the following:
    die qq/Couldn't load engine "$engine", "[email protected]"/ if [email protected];
I would suggest to replace [email protected] by $UNIVERSAL::require::ERROR
To make it clear that you are using the UNIVERSAL::require module here
and not the eval “require $engine”; approach.
I’m also wondering if [email protected] will contain the correct value since “eval” is
not in the scene ;)
perldoc perlvar
[email protected]
The Perl syntax error message from the last
<file:///c:\Perl\html\lib\Pod\perlfunc.html#item_eval> eval() operator.
If [email protected] is the null string, the last
<file:///c:\Perl\html\lib\Pod\perlfunc.html#item_eval> eval() parsed and
executed correctly ...
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