[Catalyst] bug in Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Memcached

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Thu Jun 30 20:00:35 CEST 2005


it would appear that Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Memcached installs a 
Memcached.pm (which is fine, given its name) but the tests then go on to 
use ...::MemCached (note the case), and of course fails on a 
case-sensitive FS.

lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Cache/Memcached.pm -> 
Manifying blib/lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Cache/Memcached.pm -> 
   /usr/bin/make  -- OK
Running make test
/usr/local/bin/perl Build test
t/01use............NOK 1 

#     Failed test (t/01use.t at line 3)
#     Tried to use 'Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::MemCached'.
#     Error:  Can't locate Catalyst/Plugin/Cache/MemCached.pm in @INC

I sense an HFS+ user :)

Robin "UFS" Berjon
   Senior Research Scientist
   Expway, http://expway.com/

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