[Catalyst] New CRUD/Scaffolding module

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Mon Jun 27 23:29:43 CEST 2005

Dunno if this ever got posted to list earlier, but it was on the  
daily summaries. However, the url recently changed due to some  


Its nothing fancy, and the latest trunk is somewhat in a state  
between versions, but it should work ok. It was my first Cat-app, and  
that shows, but it might serve as a simple example.


On 27. jun. 2005, at 23.09, Dan Horne wrote:

> I think that the Ruby on Rails doco provides a useful guideline too
> (http://www.rubyonrails.com/) For instance, they provide an example of
> creating an application from scratch
> (http://manuals.rubyonrails.com/read/book/7). I really liked the  
> perl.com
> article (http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2005/06/02/catalyst.html) and look
> forward to the second in the series. A wiki at http:// 
> catalyst.perl.org
> would be great. I found the CGI::Application wiki (http://www.cgi- 
> app.org)
> provided lots of useful tips for that framework.
> I tend to work better from step-by-step examples rather than pods,  
> which
> leave me lost in the detail. If someone could show a couple of  
> sample apps -
> say writing a shopping cart and a simple CM -- it would help to  
> kickstart
> things for me.
> Dan
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>> It would be nice if someone could post links to good articles or web
>> sites which one could apply toward developing apps with Catalyst,
>> even if they don't specifically address Catalyst.
> (replying to self)
> For example, the Struts documentation is good, and has a lot of  
> general
> guidelines for OO web development that might be valuable for new
> Catalyst users. I found them helpful.
> http://struts.apache.org/userGuide/index.html
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