[Catalyst] New CRUD/Scaffolding module

Jules Agee julesa at pcf.com
Sat Jun 25 03:21:52 CEST 2005

Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
> Even if you don't want to write docs, if you just point out things
> that you think should be there but aren't, that would help a lot.

As someone who's new to MVC web development, I'm not sure my suggestions
will be terribly useful, so give them the weight they deserve.

Number one for me is a recommended reading list. What helped you learn
the design skills you have now? It would be nice if someone could post
links to good articles or web sites which one could apply toward
developing apps with Catalyst, even if they don't specifically address
Catalyst. MVC web development best practices, for example. I've been
doing a lot of Googling and reading, but some good links would probably
save me some time. The examples that are already available have been
incredibly helpful here. Thanks to everyone who wrote them.

If you have seen any stupid web application design flaws, that's a
perfect subject for an entry in a 'best practices' list. "How to avoid
getting stuck with horrible hacks down the road." ;-)

More specifically, I'd really like to see some examples using
Catalyst::DBI::Sweet, maybe showing the best way to do joins and other
database operations beyond basic CRUD functionality.

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