[Catalyst] New CRUD/Scaffolding module

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Fri Jun 24 19:36:49 CEST 2005

Jules Agee wrote:
> Mike McKay wrote:
> --8<--
>>Apologies to the author, but this sentence just pisses me off:
>>Modify the $c->form() parameters to match your needs, and don't forget
>>to copy the templates. ;)
>>I am pretty sure that wink is there to piss me off: Wink - you have no
>>idea what I just said - wink. No wonder us Catalyst newbies are
>>struggling with scaffolding.
> I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard. I was thinking the exact
> same thing. :-)

This exact section has just been updated. ;)


>>I think most people that do use Catalyst will be the learn-from-example
>>types. It would be really helpful to over-comment the code that is being
>>used for the examples. I mean, I am eventually understanding it and
>>debug and Data::Dumper helps, but a brief comment would really speed me
>>on my way.
> Seconded. After reading the manual a couple times, I was pretty well
> stuck until I found the example apps. Additional comments in the apps
> (especially ServerDB) explaining each step in detail would be very much
> appreciated.

Yeah this is a good idea.  I will try to add some more helpful comments 
to the ServerDB code.


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