[Catalyst] Version dependencies for HTTP::Headers and File::Temp

Stephen Adkins spadkins at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:57:03 CEST 2005

Great work on Catalyst. Here is some feedback about Build.PL and 
I tried to install Bundle::Catalyst. It failed repeatedly on the tests for 
the Catalyst distribution on the
test (and others after it). It said something about some method not existing 
on HTTP::Headers.

I went to the CPAN shell, did "install HTTP::Headers" which reinstalled 
libwww-perl. Then when I did "install Catalyst", it sailed through without a 
glitch on the tests. (This was all for Perl 5.8.0.) 

I didn't notice what version of HTTP::Headers was failing, but version
1.62is installed now with the latest
libwww-perl-5.803 distribution, and it works. I checked some other machines 
and found the following. 

 HTTP::Headers 1.47 Doesn't Work
HTTP::Headers 1.59 Works
HTTP::Headers 1.61 Works
HTTP::Headers 1.62 Works 

 While I was working on that, I discovered another version dependency. 

 File::Temp 0.13 Doesn't Work
File::Temp 0.16 Works 

 So the Build.PL for the Catalyst distribution should have specific version 
dependencies for HTTP::Headers and File::Temp. 

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