[Catalyst] New design for catalyst.perl.org

samwyse samwyse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 18:22:21 CEST 2005

On 6/19/05, Sebastian Riedel <sri at oook.de> wrote:
> Our good friends at nGmedia have been working on a new design for
> http://catalyst.perl.org
> Here are the first (in every browser, from lynx to cell phone, great
> looking) previews:
> http://catalyst.project.ngmedia.net/preview/
> http://catalyst.project.ngmedia.net/preview/documentation/

I like it!

Has anyone ever thought about an official favicon.ico for Catalyst?  I
was thinking about just re-using the little "molecule" symbol.  It (or
a differently colored variation) could be used as a unifying element
for example code that get distributed.

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