[Catalyst] New design for catalyst.perl.org

Roland Moriz roland at moriz.de
Sun Jun 19 14:43:25 CEST 2005


Sebastian Riedel wrote:
> Our good friends at nGmedia have been working on a new design for  
> http://catalyst.perl.org
> Here are the first (in every browser, from lynx to cell phone, great  
> looking) previews:
> http://catalyst.project.ngmedia.net/preview/
> http://catalyst.project.ngmedia.net/preview/documentation/


One hint: Maybe the part with the apples can be a bit smaller (less 
height) so the user can easier focus upon the "hard facts" 
(development/deployment/scalability) below.

> Ulf++
> The final site will be a wiki (most likely powered by MojoMojo), but  we 
> also need some static content like movies (screencasts) 

I really like the RoR video[1] because they're really evident. Someone 
knows a way to do this on Linux and Gnome, too?

[1] http://rubyonrails.cachefly.net/updated_rails_tutorial.mov (mirror, 
primary location seems to be down)



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