[Catalyst] Catalyst under ActiveState Perl

Marcello m.romani at spinsoft.it
Mon Jun 6 15:02:28 CEST 2005

Matthew Keene ha scritto:
> Has anybody had any success installing Catalyst on
> Win32 with ActiveState Perl ?  I have had a series of
> problems ranging from make errors and test errors
> through to the CPAN module not recognising modules
> that have been installed via PPM.  Has there been any
> effort made to contact ActiveState to see if they are
> interested in making a PPD available ?  I notice that
> there module build status system reports every
> Catalyst module as failed, I only tracked back the
> main Catalyst module, but there are a number of
> failing builds which seem to track back to a failure
> of the Test::Simple module - does anybody know how to
> work with them to fix these issues ?  
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I have tried to install Catalyst on XP.
The module that I can't install is:


I get an error when compiling mmap_cache.c: it says it can't find the 
unistd.h file.
Looking at the cpan testers page, all tests on windows have failed.


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