[Catalyst] Catalyst Selling Points

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Wed Dec 28 20:11:53 CET 2005

Sebastian Riedel wrote:
> 28.12.2005 13:48 Christopher H. Laco:
>> Yeah. It really is daunting. CPAN is Perls best attribute, and worst
>> curse IMHO. It brings flexibility and reusibility, but makes is a pita
>> the just download an app. I think a small part of the RoR success is the
>> fact that they don't have CPAN, and don't have very many places/things
>> to install to get up and running.
> Not just a small part, your CatInABox could be very important for
> Catalyst's success in the future, especially outside the Perl community.

Too bad par at perl.org is a ghost town, otherwise I'd probably be farther
along on something PAR related. I guess something is better than
nothing. At least with CatInABox as it is, it's still better than
nothing; even it leaves the user having to install platform specific

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