[Catalyst] New Catalyst slogan

Simon Elliott simon at browsing.co.uk
Tue Dec 27 21:58:55 CET 2005

Catalyst - A Perl's best friend. (sorry)
Catalyst - Igniting your web.
Catalyst - Evolve not revolve.

/brain still processing holiday calories

On 27/12/05, Stéphane Payrard <stef at stefp.dyndns.org> wrote:
> The Perl name is conspicously absent from the motto so far. :(
> "Ruby on rails" is a great slogan because it advertises both the
> language, the framework and imposes the idea of moving forward. In a
> sense, the Ruby framework does not even have a name, it is not yet
> another application it is a Ruby incarantion that moves forward.
> Managers are afraid of mere languages because they want something
> concrete, an almost physical product.  O'Reilly animal gave a body the
> the abstraction they describe.  Ruby suggest an engine on a clear
> course.
> Scripting languages are the future. We can even hope that Parrot will
> be the ecosystems for them. So it would  detrimental for the slogan to
> attack Ror frontally. Better aknowledge Catalyst ancestry.
> What bother me with rails is the idea of a forced direction.  A
> notorious company which forces people in their direction did indeed a
> image correction with "Where to you want to go today?" giving the
> illusion that people were free to choose where to move.
> On the other hand even if the direction is partly unclear, it already
> has a name Web 2.0.
>    Catalyst: Perl for Web 2.0
>    Catalyst: the CPAN accelerator
> Not very catchy, but my point is that either the Perl or CPAN name
> must be part of the slogan.
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