[Catalyst] Catalyst Selling Points

Marlon Bailey mbailey at vortexit.net
Tue Dec 27 20:48:34 CET 2005

>Exactly.  Right now Catalyst, as useful as it is, is being *marketed*  
>to hobbyist programmers and programmers with a bit of spare time who  
>have a little project they want done.  There's nothing wrong with  
>that, but if you want things like O'Reilly books there needs to be a  
>market for them, and that market is largely companies with book- 
>buying budgets.
>And *maintenance cost* -- which means automated testing and code  
>reuse -- is critical to this market.  Sure, CPAN and automated  
>testing are not exclusive to Catalyst, but pushing them to this  
>market will get Catalyst adopted a whole lot faster than pushing "80%  
>of your application within an hour!"

I think you're taking the statement used by whoever said "80% of your 
application within an hour(I believe it was 30 minutes)!" out of 
context.  He was saying it in relation to quick start documentation; 
documentation apps are usually not very complex.  I don't think he/she 
meant to say that you could do all of your apps in X time.  And I agree 
with that approach and mentality for quick start documentation, now if 
you feel that a quickstart app should be more complex and take days then 
we can agree to disagree on that.


p.s. I still believe that a major selling point for any framework should 
be time savings and rapid development(ie. one of the major selling 
points of Perl).  Code reuse and automated testing, should be 
understoods, not benefits. Is there a major competitive framework that 
you can't write maintainable code on?  How does that become a selling 
point, selling points are relative to the competition.

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