[Catalyst] Catalyst Slogan

mbailey at vortexit.net mbailey at vortexit.net
Tue Dec 27 06:08:30 CET 2005

At 12:30 12/26/2005, Sebastian Riedel wrote:
>Ok, "Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Framework" is getting a bit old.
>Any ideas for a new one?
>P.S.: I like "Catalyst - No Limits!".

Is it that you don't "like" the slogan or it's getting "old."  No reason
to change it just because it's old, perl5 is old, I'm still using it.  Who
came up with the original slogan in the first place anyway?


p.s. In case we feel it just sucks, someone put this one out earlier, I
think it's good.

Catalyst - More app, less coding.

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