[Catalyst] Re: "Catalyst - The Definitive Guide" and the "Catalyst, Cookbook"

Marlon Bailey mbailey at vortexit.net
Fri Dec 23 18:07:52 CET 2005

>I would suggest dividing the book into two sections:  quick start and  
>Everything There Is To Know.  The quick start section should be just  
>that--a heavily emphasized section right at the front that says "Here  
>is what you need to know to have your app running and doing useful  
>things in 4 minutes, and doing 80% of what you need it to do in 30  
>minutes."  The second section should be, literally, every useful and  
>relevant fact that we can dump in.  The two sections should get equal  
>billing--if they miss the quick start and turn to the complete  
>reference first they are going to be overwhelmed and will probably  
>put the book down.  (Metaphorically speaking, since this will be in a  
>browser, not on dead trees.)

I think this is the correct direction to go.  I also feel our audience 
should be perl developers who want to get into using MVC, which is why 
i'm a proponent of the Quick Start.  I mean, that IS the allure of MVC 
frameworks, or at least Catalyst IMHO.  "Get all the grunt work out of 
the way in 30 minutes and start actually writting your app" is a very 
strong selling point.  I feel once we assimliate all the perl developers 
writing web apps and websites into the Catalyst community, we'll have as 
much push as Rails.


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