[Catalyst] Catalyst on shared hosting

Bernard FRIT bernard.frit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 14:03:48 CET 2005

Just some thoughts about running catalyst on a shared hosting server.

As the apps should only be low to medium traffic, we could imagine
running Catalyst from the build'in server listening a unix socket in
the flavor of the fastcgi server. And a small C wrapper named
~/cgi-bin/myapp.cgi just redirecting request and response to and from
the socket.

That's the way the e-commerce application Interchange (written in
perl) is usually configured in the same context.

I don't know whether or not the built'in server would be strong enough
in the long run, but such a solution don't require any apache conf
modification (no mod_perl, no mod_proxy) which is sometimes a real
pain on a production server.

As I have some experience as a shared host administrator, running
mod_perl in such an envirronment is a real concern. There is enough
trouble running mod_php with all the related security holes and hack

Bernard FRIT

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