[Catalyst] build system - was: A few questions (possibly a FAQ)

Uwe Voelker uwe.voelker at gmx.de
Tue Dec 20 14:57:09 CET 2005

Hello Joe,

>   Right now it is part of a larger build environment which builds a
> working 5.8.7 perl with many modules we need for our product (working in
> the sense of the right options are used for our application, which
> include threading, large ints, etc. which the various distributions

Okay, so I would disable threading and I guess large ints are standard
on sparc64.

> Might work under Cygwin today.

I don't care if it works under Windows.

>    I am trying to get it to build a working Catalyst install (not a
> minimalistic one, but a fully functional one), and have discovered the
> joy of dependency purgatory.  Makes Mason's dependency tree look tame
> (its not).

Yes, and for the plugins / ORM you need some more...

>   This system will (upon completion) generate a competely functional
> Perl tree + all our modules.  It wouldn't be hard to separate it out so
> that it built a completely functional Perl tree + Catalyst modules.   If
> someone wants that, please let me know, and we can post it.  It is a
> work in progress so it might not be fully functional right now (it
> isn't, as I keep adding little things like authentication).

I'm interested.

Does the environment go into chroot, or do you only use your custom perl
(which has it's private library paths)?

Thanks a lot.

Bye, Uwe

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