[Catalyst] A few questions (possibly a FAQ)

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Dec 19 18:59:08 CET 2005

Hi Folks:

  Just started playing with Catalyst with the Mason view.  We will be 
moving some of our development over to it shortly.  I wanted to know a 
few things that I didn't see in the documentation.

First:  I would like to set up a web site served by Apache (actually a 
virtual server) to serve the Catalyst application.  What configuration 
do we need to do with the apache conf files to make this happen?  We are 
using mod_perl 1.x and apache 1.3.x (to keep Mason happy).  I am using 
the built in server (and I like it for debugging, it is very helpful) 
right now, but I want to deploy this in another setting.  Specifically a 
mod_perl context, unless there is a good reason to go with FCGI.  Any 
config suggestions/examples with this?  Right now we are running Mason 
atop apache for our application, though we are running it more as a 
templating engine than anything else.

Second:  We wrote a few modules we need for our work.  Should I have the 
main MyApp.pm use them?  Should we put these as PerlModule constructs in 
our config file?

Third:  Were do we report bugs/suggest changes in documentation?

Fourth:  Any documentation on using sessions/state/cookies with the 
system?  Tying in external authentication agents?

Finally:  Any hope of getting a consistent Bundle::Catalyst?  I had to 
do some surgery by hand to fix some things with the installation.  It 
would be nice if the installation of a working system could be as simple as

	perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Catalyst'

without any other issues.  We had lots of problems doing this, it almost 
always works for us for other modules, including our own.

Thanks!  This looks like a great product.


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