[Catalyst] Standalone Install Package?

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Mon Dec 19 18:09:07 CET 2005

19.12.2005 17:15 Christopher H. Laco:

> After the email about a user switching to RoR because of all of the
> [perceived?] install hassles on a shared host, I've been thinking  
> about
> if it would be nice to have an unzip-and-run version of Catalyst with
> all of it's dependencies in the package itself.
> Whether it's perception or fact, I hated upgrading Catalyst 5.33 ->  
> 5.61
> with all of the dependencies and the upgrade chain that followed. I  
> hate
> CPAN, and have my reservations about CPANPLUS at times with the  
> failing
> upgrades/tests that aren't really failures. And that's on my  
> server. On
> another server, depending on the package, PREFIX just doesn't make
> things easy, or sane. But I digress.
> Does anyone see a benefit to having a version of Catalyst that has all
> of the dependencies in it's own extlib directory...something people  
> can
> simply unzip in their home directory and run?

I agree, we are already in most common distros but shared hosting is  
a problem.
I have not checked yet, is it possible to package such a distro  
without xs modules? (Even for Task::Catalyst?)


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