[Catalyst] Authentication gotchas

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Sat Dec 17 03:49:27 CET 2005

Am 17.12.2005 um 02:41 schrieb Johan Lindström:

> At 19:55 2005-12-16, Christopher H. Laco wrote:
>> Take C::P::FormValidator and C::P::FormValidator::Simple.
>> The both claim $->form. Great. That's what plugins do right?
> How about we solve this problem _now_, because: yes, it's aleady  
> too late and it will break code; but no, there will _never_ be a  
> better time.
> Deprecate form() in both modules for a few versions and then drop it.
> Catalyst is still very, very young. Let's fix things while it's  
> possible.

I absolutely agree, calling it $c->form() was a mistake (of me and  
Lyo Kato), and i wonder if $c->widget() for the upcoming HTML::Widget  
will be a mistake again...

What do you guys think? How to fix this?


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