[Catalyst] The state of the docs (was: Business Point of View)

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Fri Dec 16 01:59:08 CET 2005

16.12.2005 01:10 Kaare Rasmussen:
> I'm not really complaining because I realize that Catalyst is a  
> work in
> progress and there's new development every day.

Catalyst 5.5 was a big milestone and added all the api extensions we  
need to develop new features as plugins.
That means the core will stay quite stable (no more big changes) and  
we will (only) add the most common used plugins to it. ;)

> We don't have a full time
> (paid) staff sitting around organizing the documentation and web  
> page, but
> you asked what I think is missing :-)

Right, we rely completely on volunteers.
It's very easy to get involved in the development process by joining  
#catalyst. (very similar to the Pugs project)

We especially need more *active* web admins. *hint hint*

> Btw. I also really miss to see "big" applications written in  
> Catalyst. Some
> CMS'es, Wikis, web forums and the like. I hope they're arriving so the
> Catalyst web page can be Catalyst powered.

I prefer to use the best tools for the task, which Trac happens to be  
at the moment, switching to a half-hearted wiki, just because it's  
Catalyst powered is not a good idea imo.


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