[Catalyst] Page layout w/Catalyst

Johan Lindström johanl at DarSerMan.com
Thu Dec 15 17:39:21 CET 2005

At 17:08 2005-12-15, Brandon Black wrote:
>The caveat of course is the "vast majority of cases" part.  It is
>probably arguable that for those cases which map perfectly to the
>expectations of a framework like RoR, the vast majority of
>applications in those domains have already been written, or an even
>tighter and more effortless way of generating a customized application
>in that space has already been written.

No. I'd venture that a large part (in numerical terms) of all web 
applications built in Rails/Catalyst/x aren't public-facing web sites on 
the Internet, they are small, company-specific intranet/extranet applications.

The type of application may be quite similar, but each application itself 
is specific to the problem domain and so needs to be written each time to 
solve the actual problem. Rails seems to be a competent platform at build 
on when creating this _type_ of apps.


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