[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst, Firefox and SVG

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Mon Dec 12 03:41:20 CET 2005

Maurice Height wrote:
> I think you nailed it, because I tried this in my test app:
> __PACKAGE__->config( name   => 'CatApp',
>                      root   => CatApp->path_to('root'),
>                      static => { mime_types => { svg => 'image/svg+xml' } },
> );
> but it did not stop FireFox from displaying the SVG content as text
> (Internet Explorer is OK).  
> At this stage I do not have a clue how to fix this.
> While I can use IE as a workaround for now, is this problem something that
> can be fixed in Catalyst or MIME::Types?

Can you verify that you're getting the right header on the file from 
Static::Simple?  Try running 'wget -S http://.../file.svg' and see what 
content-type is returned.  If you're getting the right type, then I'm 


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