[Catalyst] Re: Perl::Rails?

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Fri Dec 9 16:24:17 CET 2005

PLEASE: Don't reply to this thread, it's just a troll post!

09.12.2005 09:05 Shlomi Fish:
> I can also add poor debugging ability to it. One essentially cannot  
> debug
> functions in the core Controller Catalyst components, due to what I  
> was told
> were "nested eval"'s. I don't care if it's a bug of perl or  
> Catalyst - I
> don't care - I want to debug it in style. What I restorted to was  
> to extract
> code out of my application and debug that, but it's a kludge.

"perl -d" works perfectly with Catalyst 5.61.

> Regarding documentation, I should note that a small patch I wrote  
> for the
> Catalyst documentation: http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/ticket/11 has  
> remained
> completely un-modified in the bug tracker's since I filed it over 5  
> months
> ago. I was planning to follow this patch with other patches, but  
> was waiting
> for it to be applied or at least be commented on.

We don't apply bad quality patches.

> And there's also this:
> http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi%20Fish/journal/25108

How often did we explain to you that this behavior is borked and you  
just ignored it?


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