[Catalyst] trouble with LocationMatch

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Thu Dec 8 22:36:54 CET 2005

Sean Comeau wrote:
> Is Catalyst supposed to work correctly within <LocationMatch> directives
> in mod_perl?
> I'm using mod_perl 2.02, apache 2.0.55, Catalyst::Engine::Apache 1.02,
> Catalyst 5.59.
> When I call my handler from within a locationmatch, I get the match string
> inserted into the url on subsequent requests. this looks wrong to me.
> the problem appears to be in Catalyst::Engine::Apache prepare_path method.
> specifically, $self->apache->location is placed in $base_path and then 
> eventually placed in $c->request->base.
> Is there something I'm missing here? Do I need to be using a <Location>
> directive instead of <LocationMatch>?

Can you include your Apache config so we can test?


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