[Catalyst] O'Reilly Radar

Aaron Peterson lloyd.peterson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 21:11:25 CET 2005

> I don't know where this urge to publish under O'Reilly is coming from
> and to be honest I think this thread is pretty much pointless. If there
> is a chance to publish a Catalyst book (which should IMO be written by
> at least Sebastian Riedel and maybe some other developers), then I
> wouldn't mind if it has a animal on it, red Addison-Wesley triangles or
> the whatever publisher is giving Catalyst a chance.
> I know I'd buy it and I agree with you that we should keep advertising
> and try to attract more people to Catalyst, but not for the sake of
> being asked by O'Reilly to write a book for them. We should do it
> because Catalyst is a great framework that really speeds up the WebDev
> process (at least for me).

Yes, I agree.

$oreilly_whocares++ && $publish_somehow++


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