[Catalyst] O'Reilly Radar

Aaron Peterson lloyd.peterson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 20:45:50 CET 2005

> Long ago, the apeal of O'Reilly books [for me] was they they were great
> books from an underdog who would pursue new book topics with the
> recklass abandon that a small publisher could. I don't see that flame
> from them any more.

I have a friend who has published with O'Reilly before, and he has
given me the impression that O'Reilly likes to initiate the idea that
a book needs to be written.  They don't like to be solicited to.  So,
perhaps if at some point in the future Catalyst becomes a well known
competitor in the framework space, they will begin looking for someone
to write the O'Reilly book.  Continuing to advertise and attract more
users is probably a good way to eventually get their attention...


p.s.  Or maybe not, who really knows.

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