[Catalyst] Authentication

Denis denis at uzvik.kiev.ua
Thu Dec 8 00:19:25 CET 2005

Any progress ;-) ?
>i'll post a release later tonight

YK> On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 11:38:21 +0200, Denis wrote:
>> Full error message:
>> [Tue Dec  6 11:33:52 2005] [catalyst] [info] F powered by Catalyst 5.57
>> Insufficient Arguments : You must specify a path at
>> C:/Perl/site/lib//Tree/Simple/Visitor/FindByPath.pm line 31.
>> Compilation failed in require at f_server.pl line 13.
>> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at f_server.pl line 13.

YK> How embarracing... I forgot to check if the path is /.

YK> I was 100% sure I tested for this.... Too bad I'm an idiot ;-)

YK> Anyway, this is fixed in trunk, i'll post a release later tonight
YK> when I'm back from work.

Best regards,
 Denis                            mailto:denis at uzvik.kiev.ua

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