[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst Advent Calendar

Denis denis at uzvik.kiev.ua
Wed Dec 7 16:03:45 CET 2005

ups, missed 2-nd step ;-)

but my nmake fails :(

>>NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe' : return code '0xff'

D> When I try to make the same as on 6-day-example,
D> after 4-th step I get error:
D> include inc/Module/Install.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Metadata.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Base.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Include.pm
D> include inc/ExtUtils/AutoInstall.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Catalyst.pm
D> Not writing PAR, "blib\lib\MyApp.pm" doesn't exist
D> include inc/Module/Install/Scripts.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Makefile.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/AutoInstall.pm
D> *** ExtUtils::AutoInstall version 0.63
D> *** Checking for dependencies...
D> [Core Features]
D> - Catalyst ...loaded. (5.61 >= 5.60)
D> *** ExtUtils::AutoInstall configuration finished.
D> include inc/Module/Install/WriteAll.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Win32.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Can.pm
D> include inc/Module/Install/Fetch.pm
D> Writing Makefile for MyApp

>>>Not writing PAR, "blib\lib\MyApp.pm" doesn't exist

D> What I do wrong?

SR>> http://catalyst.perl.org/calendar/

SR>> It's not perfectly styled, but we had not much time to prepare it. ;)
SR>> Source is available, patches welcome!

SR>>      http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/Catalyst/trunk/examples/ 
SR>> CatalystAdvent/

SR>> --
SR>> sebastian

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SR>> Catalyst at lists.rawmode.org
SR>> http://lists.rawmode.org/mailman/listinfo/catalyst

D> _______________________________________________
D> Catalyst mailing list
D> Catalyst at lists.rawmode.org
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Best regards,
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