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Hartmaier Alexander Alexander.Hartmaier at t-systems.at
Mon Dec 5 20:48:12 CET 2005

Don't forget that cgi vars are broken with MP19!


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Chisel Wright wrote:
> Yes, I know we should be using MP20 in an ideal world, unfortunately
> it's not an ideal world.
> Anyway, a freshly deployed Catalyst + MyApp under mod_perl 1.9 barf with
> an error about Apache::Const::OK
> Turns out that it should just be Apache::OK
> I know 1.9 was in a state of namespace-flex, but if it's appropriate,
> could MP19.pm be tweaked to use Apache::OK instead of Apache::Const::OK?
> Chisel

You're right, I didn't see this note in the renaming docs:

   Constants under the Apache::* namespace, such as Apache::OK, are now
   called as Apache2::Const::* (for example, Apache2::Const::OK).

I will fix and release C::E::Apache 1.01.


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