[Catalyst] DBIC and RDBO compared (was: Choosing the right ORM)

Phil Mitchell phil at 2people.org
Thu Dec 1 17:59:15 CET 2005

On 11/30/05, John Siracusa <siracusa at mindspring.com> wrote:
> On 11/28/05 6:47 PM, Uwe Voelker wrote:
> >  On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 14:00 +0100, catalyst at augensalat.de wrote:
> >> There are other ORMs available, but only one, DBIx::Class gets
> >> some attention here.
> >> How about Alzabo or Rose::DB::Object or maybe others?
> >
> > John and Matt, can you please give a feature comparison of RDBO and
> > DBIC?
> Sure, here's a summary.  I wrote it and Matt provided some feedback
> and corrections.

Thanks for this great overview! You don't mention anything wrt
inheritance of model classes -- probably it's too obvious to mention.
But as someone w/o a lot of ORM experience, I'm wondering how these
handle situations outside the one class/one table model --
specifically, where you have an inheritance tree that's all based on
the same table, and where there's a signficant amount of implicit
self-joins. I do this now in CDBI using has_a/has_many, but have run
into as-yet-unexplained breakdown of inheritance of triggers and such,
which I solve with ugly workarounds.
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